Oceans and Seas

the work of author Michael Krieger


Author Michael Krieger

 I was born in San Francisco, graduated from the University of California-Berkley and was in the Army Reserve. In my 20’s I owned and operated International Building Products, a tiny shipping and import-export company. I chartered and accompanied freighters carrying timber and other products throughout Southeast Asia. From 1969 to 1974, I was European Manager for companies of Consolidated Foods Corporation, was headquartered just outside Geneva, Switzerland, and was responsible for exports to Europe and Africa.

I began writing in 1977, mostly about maritime related subjects. I am the author of four books and have been syndicated in the travel sections of over 200 newspapers by Universal Press Syndicate. My work has also been published in the Journal of the National Maritime Historical Society. I was the first Western journalist to be allowed by the People’s Republic of China to do stories on that country’s entire maritime transportation system.

Oceans and Seas is a way to bring my work to the internet and keep in touch with my readers.

My wife and I live on a small island off the coast of Washington State.